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Package and product design for a dairy factory

Logo, graphic, identity & web

design for Dairy Company

Task Info

Company name

Goat Paradise

Description of the organization and its target audience

To keep pace with health trends, the company offers a comprehensive line of
goat’s milk products under the brand Goats Paradise
milk, cheeses and yogurt.


Dairy Products


The combination of minimalism and animated graphic

designs created the state of the art package design.

Package and product design for a dairy factory


The courage of using sharp colors beside the darkest ones

made it the most eye-catching product in the shelf.

Package and product design for small yogurt products.


Goat’s milk is rich in minerals, phosphorus and calcium. Its

special protein composition makes it far easier to digest

than any other kind of milk, allowing it to be consumed

even by children and adults intolerant to cow’s milk.

Package and product design for one liter milk products.


The friendly design of Goats in the farm of cheese

represent the brand name and reminds the paradise.

Package and product design for cheese products.

Goat’s milk is easily tolerated

Logo, identity & package design for goat farm factory.